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Since ancient time India is the leader in area, production and consumption of seed spices in the world. Rajasthan and Gujarat both the states are called the bowl of seed spices in our country due to contributing 80 per cent seed spices production of our country. Seed Spices are annual herbs, whose dried seed or fruits used as spices. They are nature’s gift to humankind and add flavour to our food in addition to having preservative and medicinal value. There are about 20 seed spices grown in India. The most prominent among them are cumin, coriander, fennel, fenugreek, ajwain, dill, nigella, celery, aniseed and caraway. Presently our research is mainly concentrated on development of high yielding varieties with high essential oil content and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. The Institute has already developed 15 varieties of 8 seed spice crops. Controlling cumin wilt and blight diseases is now receiving major attention. Besides these, agronomic practices are also being standardized for different crops. Research work has also started in Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Soil Science and Entomology. Research on protected cultivation and organic farming and application of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is also on the anvil. Seed processing plant established and the research on post harvest technology of the seed spices particularly processing and storage is being initiated. Institute is housed in the newly constructed Laboratory Cum administrative Building and equipped laboratories. This National Centre is now considerably expanding its research programme by initiating collaboration with a number of research institutions and universities. The Research Centre has also opened up its portals to post graduate students who wish to work on seed spices. We have also started a Farmers Club and a Farm Consultancy Service to effective transfer of technology developed by us. We welcome frequent visit to this web site and suggestions if any shall be highly appreciated.
Dr. Gopal Lal


The National Research Centre on Seed Spices is an apex centre of Indian Council of Agricultural Research working on improvement of seed spices and betterment of their stakeholders since its inception in 2000. The mandate of this institute is to carry out basic, applied and strategic research for the improvement of seed spice crops.

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